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Welcome to BTS

Business Transition Strategies is an M&A Advisory firm that focuses on helping owners and businesses into their next chapter. In most cases this means selling so the owner can retire or shift gears with a new enterprise. In other cases, it means growing through acquisition. In this case, owners expand their business and make it more attractive for a sale down the road. We offer both services.

Privately owned businesses are a fundamental part of the economy and account for a vast majority of job creation. Their preservation is our passion.The focus of the BTS team is working with companies that are too small to be considered big, but too big to be treated like small ones. We use M&A processes with companies generating between $2 million dollars in sales up to $20 million. BTS has become a part of the Touchstone Family and is well positioned to serve all of New England and beyond.

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Not ready or don't know where to begin?

If your transition timeline is a year or more out, BTS can assist you in preparing and positioning your business for a transition down the road. Through advisory engagements, we help owners maximize the value of their businesses and enhance operations in ways that will pave the way for the next step whether that is an exit or a growth strategy. Our experience in the industry along with our associations and affiliations, give us insight into what is expected for a transition to successfully occur. Only a small fraction of privately held businesses successfully transfer either to the next generation or to an outside entity. Those best prepared with a strong foundation will achieve the best results.

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BTS News

  • Manufacturer Sold and New Owner Expands It

    Manufacturer Sold and New Owner Expands It

    BTS served as advisor in the sale of PlasTech Machining Fabrication, Inc. to DelCam Holdings in 2020...the company has grown substantially, doubling employment and adding capacity to boost future prod

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  • How M&A Will Respond to Next Recession

    How M&A Will Respond to Next Recession

    The takeaway for business owners: Get back to basics. Don’t worry about hyper growth. De-risk your company as much as possible.

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  • Perception vs Reality with Small Businesses

    Perception vs Reality with Small Businesses

    Sometimes the economic picture on the news seems inconsistent with what is happening for many business owners. Nearly every owner we speak to is out straight.

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  • NH-Based Techinical Manufacturing Company Sold

    NH-Based Techinical Manufacturing Company Sold

    Hampshire Controls has a bright future with new ownership. The company was recently sold by Diane Rush, owner and president, to Pillar Imaging and its leader Dr. Michael Pilon.

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  • Be Ready When You Are Ready

    Be Ready When You Are Ready

    When a business owner says it’s time to sell, I ask, “How fast do you want to be out?” The answer I hear most is, “Yesterday.” But sellers underestimate how long the process takes.

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  • Looking at a Sale Through the Right Lens

    Looking at a Sale Through the Right Lens

    Sometimes our vision about the future is blurry because we aren’t considering the whole picture but only parts of it.

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  • 5 Deal Points from the Trenches

    5 Deal Points from the Trenches

    Today I work with clients of Business Transition Strategies who are implementing Growth Through Acquisition strategies. Here are a few observations from working on a wide variety of projects.

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  • Tax Changes Could Hurt Net Proceeds

    Tax Changes Could Hurt Net Proceeds

    Changes proposed to the capital gains tax suggest they may need to get 30% more in a transaction in the future just to net the same value they would get today.

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  • Good Ideas From Shark Tank Deal

    Good Ideas From Shark Tank Deal

    One of my colleagues in Cornerstone Alliance was front and center in a recent Shark Tank exercise. A business that had been sold was put in front of four potential buyer groups.

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  • Buyer Trends in Lower Mid-Market

    Buyer Trends in Lower Mid-Market

    Other businesses are a significant market for companies being sold within the lower mid-market.

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Case Studies

  • Precision Machining Company

    Initially, liquidation was a serious consideration. It would offer a quick exit but would hurt loyal employees and disrupt the customers who had come to rely on its quality production.

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  • Green Product Company

    Our client owners could dig in for the long haul…However, this would take five years or more. Owners simply lacked the horsepower to do it.

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  • Water Purification Company and Young Buyers

    Owners decided they wanted to retire. They also wanted to be fair to the staff who had been loyal to them. Could the company be sold, the staff retained and the facility remain in use?

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  • Magnetics Company with High Profile Customers

    (T)he manufacturer would need to focus on growing EBITDA to capture interest from major strategic buyers and achieve a higher multiple of earnings.

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