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A valuation is a fundamental part of the business life cycle.

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Welcome to BTS

Business Transition Strategies is a mergers and acquisitions firm advising owners of privately held companies to navigate the sales process.

For most clients, this is a once in a lifetime liquidity event. Consequently, it demands an experienced hand with a consistent, time tested process to accomplish the goal. We complete the job effectively across a diversity of sectors.

BTS focuses on lower mid-market companies with revenues between $2 million and $20 million. With offices in New Hampshire and Massachusetts, we are well positioned to serve all of New England and beyond.

Services include preparing the confidential information package on the company and marketing the opportunity proactively to a range of buyers. These include strategic acquirers, private equity groups and pre-qualified third parties. We then help negotiate the deal and follow it through to completion.

Through advisory engagements, we also help owners maximize the value of their businesses and enhance operations in ways that will pave the way for a successful transfer. This type of project starts a year or more in advance of an exit.

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When is the right time to sell?

Considering that business cycles are a reality, it would be difficult to time a sale perfectly. Generally, a blend of factors come into play: the owner is ready for a change; the business is doing well; the market has an interest.

When you are ready, we will employ a targeted sales pitch to identify a range of buyers. Through the M&A process, we gradually narrow the field and obtain proposals from multiple parties so the owner has choices. This helps to show how the market views the company at the time.

It is best to consider a transition before you must, and while you have the time and desire to see a sale through. Often deals come with contingencies that may require your attention post-sale, so waiting too long might cut into what you have in mind for life after business.

Efforts to pick the peak time rarely yield the desired outcome. There are many issues to consider, both business and personal. Uncovering weaknesses and addressing them; building on strengths and maximizing profitability; setting reasonable personal expectations all will result in you having more options when ready to sell.  Want to learn more? Contact us.

Would you like to increase the value of your business?

We help you prepare.  BTS advisors have been owners themselves and know what is needed to help you maximize value at the time of sale. We work with companies a year or more in advance to prepare for a sale, including financial enhancements and due diligence preparation. This process has the added benefit of taking the guesswork out of getting ready.

How well does your business function without you?  The less involved in day-to-day operations an owner is, the more value a buyer may see in the business.

To find out how well your business can prosper without you, click here to take the 13-minute survey and get your Value Builder Score.

Value Builder Score


BTS News

  • Prepare for the Market Rebound

    Prepare for the Market Rebound

    For many business owners, the economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have been devastating – especially for those who were planning to sell their businesses.

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  • Using Downtime to Add Value

    Using Downtime to Add Value

    As business owners are working to process the impact of COVID-19, we’re looking at how it will affect M&A. The good news is that many companies and private equity firms have been doing well for year

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  • Are Buyers Still in the Market?

    Are Buyers Still in the Market?

    We believe that mergers and acquisitions will continue once the current crisis ends...based on the volume of inquiries from private equity funds, search funds and well-funded individual buyers.

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  • Use the Threat to Better Prepare

    Use the Threat to Better Prepare

    Today there is a lot of uncertainty about the future of business...there are things you can do to prepare for an eventual sale of your company– especially now.

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  • Crisis Shows Ripple Effect of Business

    Crisis Shows Ripple Effect of Business

    Our focus at BTS is on small companies that are the backbone of the economy...This gives us exceptional insight into what it is like to be owner-operators.

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  • Dealing with risks in a company sale

    Dealing with risks in a company sale

    The passing last week of Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen – famous for his theory of business disruption - is a good time to consider business risk.

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  • M&A Advisor Tip: Earnouts Can Break a Deadlock

    M&A Advisor Tip: Earnouts Can Break a Deadlock

    Earnouts can be used to address a perception of risk faced by a buyer. They also are used to bridge a valuation gap between a buyer and a seller.

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  • Changes by owners helped a sale

    Changes by owners helped a sale

    Owners considering selling can look at the experience of a N.H. company for ideas of what to do to increase their chances for a good transition.

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  • Advisor Tip: Don’t lose your focus

    Advisor Tip: Don’t lose your focus

    Don't let those future plans distract you from what's going on today.

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  • Growth Methods Used by Buyers

    Growth Methods Used by Buyers

    We often hear from founders who feel they have hit the ceiling with what they can do with their companies. Buyer groups in the market see this as an opportunity.

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Case Studies

  • Precision Machining Company

    Initially, liquidation was a serious consideration. It would offer a quick exit but would hurt loyal employees and disrupt the customers who had come to rely on its quality production.

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  • Green Product Company

    Our client owners could dig in for the long haul…However, this would take five years or more. Owners simply lacked the horsepower to do it.

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  • Water Purification Company and Young Buyers

    Owners decided they wanted to retire. They also wanted to be fair to the staff who had been loyal to them. Could the company be sold, the staff retained and the facility remain in use?

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  • Magnetics Company with High Profile Customers

    (T)he manufacturer would need to focus on growing EBITDA to capture interest from major strategic buyers and achieve a higher multiple of earnings.

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