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Endur ID acquired by Capital Resource Partners

Hampton, NH - Endur ID (“Endur” or the “Company”), a designer of identification wristbands, cards and accessories, has been acquired by Capital Resource Partners, a private investment firm based in Boston.

The company was advised through the process by John Howe, Director, and Ken Schaefer, Deputy Director, of Business Transition Strategies, a merger and acquisition firm based in Pembroke, NH and Andover, Mass.

Founded in 2004 by Robert and Sharon Chadwick, Endur manufactures and distributes wristband products and identification solutions for Veterans Administration hospitals, non VA hospital systems, long term care and mental health facilities, and correction/detention, immigration and customs enforcement agencies.

Endur’s core product is a line of durable wristbands that can be customized with a patient’s personal medical information and printed on site off virtually any laser or ink-jet printer in the market today.  The Company pioneered the addition of color-coding alerts on its wristbands to improve patient safety and reduce caregiver error.

Endur has established relationships with third-party software vendors that allow the end user to customize and print wristbands from a local computer workstation.  The Company also recently introduced a patented clasp to the correctional market that prevents users from removing or damaging personalized wristbands.

Robert Chadwick will remain actively involved with Endur post-closing.

About Capital Resource Partners (“CRP”)

CRP invests in companies with proven business models and strong positions in attractive and, often times, niche markets.  CRP is comfortable with either partnering with existing management and ownership or bringing in new leadership.  CRP has completed more than 80 acquisitions in a range of sectors including healthcare services, industrial products, software and IT, and business services.

About Business Transition Services

Business Transition Strategies is a New England-focused M&A firm with offices in New Hampshire and Massachusetts that works with owners of private companies who want to sell or are considering a sale down the road. The firm has sold manufacturing, distribution, machining, coatings, assisted living, welding and gas supply, business services and other companies in New Hampshire, Massachusetts and New York.

Securities Transactions are conducted through StillPoint Capital, located in Tampa, FL, member FINRA and SIPC.

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