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April PEG investments

by John Howe

It is interesting to watch trends in private equity investments. In general, they reflect confidence in the value of making things. Transactions give insights on the broader acquisition environment, particularly on the upper end. Manufacturing and business services dominate.

The source of this update is Private Equity Info, a research source we consult on virtually every deal. The April sampling follows. This is not intended as a complete list. These are highlights:

Automotive Products

• Clearlake Capital Group

Acquired Wheel Pros (Denver, CO, US), a designer, marketer, and distributor of branded automotive aftermarket wheels, performance tires, and accessories.

• Gamut Capital Management

Invested in International Automotive Components Group S.A. (Luxembourg, LU), a global supplier of automotive components and systems, including instrument panels, console systems, door panels, headliners and overhead systems.

• Stellex Capital Management

Acquired Fenix Parts (Westchester, IL, US), a recycler and reseller of OEM automotive products.

Compliance Services


Invested in HelpSystems (Eden Prairie, MN, US), a provider of systems and network management, business intelligence, and security and compliance solutions.

• Silversmith Capital Partners

Invested in Validity (Boston, MA, US), a global provider of a data integrity and compliance offerings.

• Technology Crossover Ventures & Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe

Invested in Avetta (Irvine, CA, US), a provider of cloud-based contractor risk management and compliance software.

Food Processing

• Arable Capital Partners

Acquired Fresh Innovations (Oxnard, CA, US), a processor of fresh sliced apples and other packaged fruits.

• Gauge Capital

Recapitalized American Nuts (Sylmar, CA, US), a value-added supplier and processor of nuts, seeds, and dried fruit.

• Main Street Capital Corporation

Acquired California Splendor (San Diego, CA, US), a processer of a variety of organic and conventional fruits for blue-chip customers in both the consumer packaged goods and foodservice sectors.


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